FBI Offers $4.3 Million Reward for Cybercrime’s Most-Wanted!

Have you seen any of these men?  One of the first indications of bounty on the heads of cyber’s most-wanted group of individuals.  This really raises the awareness bar on activities in the cybercrime world; especially when law enforcement begins to put a face with a name.  See the photographs, charges, aliases, and the like of the most=wanted on the main FBI website.


Read the detailed story on the Dark Reading site:

“Big prize still going to whomever can help find Gameover ZeuS mastermind.  The FBI’s updated Cyber Most Wanted List now includes 15 men (no women). The Bureau is still not offering monetary rewards for information leading to the arrests of five members of the People’s Republic of China’s People’s Liberation Army who remain on the list. However, they are offering bounties for most others, which add up to over $4.3 million…”


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