Focus Areas

DSS_red_smallExecutive cyber leadership understanding of the advantages of, and risks to, data as it moves in cyberspace is paramount to a successful mission or profitable business venture.  Protecting this data is best accomplished with an effective cyber defense strategy.  This  strategy involves a value proposition of a leader’s ability to securely manage information vital to organizational transformation, information technology innovation, business process improvement, and IT network modernization, while  at the same time collaboratively sharing information with partners in multiple mission/business units within and outside the organization.  Information shared, must be data secured.  Data Security Strategies, LLC provides data security and cyber defense expertise in the following information and business areas:

  • Cyber Investigations
  • Data Management Systems Security
  • Data Security Analysis
  • Digital Forensics
  • Health Care Security
  • Industrial Control Systems-SCADA Security
  • Network Security Administration
  • Network Security Engineering
  • Secure Cloud Computing
  • Secure Embedded Systems
  • Secure Mobile Technology
  • Secure Software Development
  • Secure Telecommunications
  • Security Incident Analysis and Response
  • Security Policy Development and Compliance
  • Systems Security Administration
  • Systems Security Engineering